The first thing one does when he wants to secure a place is buying a security camera. As you all know there are many IP camera dealers and CCTV camera suppliers in Chennai. After buying a security camera, say a CCTV camera from a CCTV supplier in Chennai, you may find it confusing on where you must place your camera for the security to be effective. So identifying a perfect place to install your security camera in your home or business area is very important. The thieves and criminals can only be caught if your camera is installed in the right location.

Exterior: Front Door

Generally, people assume that burglars and criminals often enter through the side entrance. But statistically speaking,34% of intruders use the front door. It is the first place where package thieves think to strike. A security camera at the main entrance of your house or business complex records tabs on everyone who comes in and out of your home. It records everyone from family members and babysitters to maintenance people, delivery people and more. There are many CCTV suppliers in Chennai who handout a list of possible places burglars are likely to strike and suggest the security cameras to be installed there.

Exterior: Back and Side doors

Doors that are not in plain view find a great likeliness to be attacked by criminals and burglars. Even most of the time the visitors entering through that entrance go unnoticed. To always know who enters and exits, install security cameras to your secondary doors. This is important to follow especially if any one of them is used more often than your front door.

Exterior: Garage and Driveway

A CCTV security camera which is generally available in any CCTV supplier in Chennai can be pointed towards your garage or driveway. In this way, you can keep tabs on bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars and on every person that handles them. If your garage is a separate building this camera will ensure a perfect level of security. If the garage is attached to your house, this extra layer of security will secure this possible entryway into your home. 

Interior: Common areas

You must always install security cameras in crowding points like the kitchen or living room. This way you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing, if the babysitter is attentive, what mess the pets are getting into. This will also help you in checking cleaners and repairmen who enter your house. It also advised placing your security camera in rooms that have large ground-floor windows. A large ground floor window is always prone to burglar and criminal attack.

Interior: Hallway

You can install a security camera in the main hallway of your home. This will make it difficult for someone to move without being detected. Even if someone breaks through a bathroom, bedroom or another unmonitored area, they’ll still get caught on this camera if they move around the house.

Always keep in mind that any security camera you install should be placed only at corners as much as possible. Do not place a security camera near a window as it will reflect light and blind the camera. Do place your camera in a shady region only if it has LED features. If you place the one without the LED feature you may end up recording dark footages which are of no use for both you and the police. It is always suggested to choose a wide dynamic range technology camera.

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