At the point when the performance of our laptop’s hardware begins to work in a very unusual way, we generally assume that it’s a virus. Yes, there is always a possibility of a virus. But sometimes it may also be some other type of malware. Most of the people who do computer hire in Chennai assume that the laptop rental in Chennai is prone to malware. But, please keep in mind that dealers who do computer hire in Chennai let the laptops and computers have the best anti-malware packages.

What measures can you take against safeguarding your laptop from malware like ransomware, phishing, and cryptojacking? 

Keeping your software updated

Softwares like Microsoft and Oracle keep updating their software. Most of the updates are of fixed bugs which may potentially be used by hackers. Oracle recently released an update for its Java software fixing a security hole which hackers may use to infect computers with malware. If you don’t update your software, you will be very prone to these malware attacks. Generally, dealers dealing in computer hire in Chennai always keep their rental laptop’s software updated.

Do not click links that come in emails

It is always suggested that if you don’t recognize a sender of an email, don’t click on any links that come in them. Microsoft says 44.8 percent of Windows virus infections occur because the user of the computer has clicked some corrupted email. Many sellers who deal with computer hire in Chennai have spam protection software which will automatically identify the unknown senders and place that email in spam.

Try free antivirus software

There are many free antivirus software where you don’t have to pay to protect your computer or for an annual subscription to get the latest virus protection. For Windows users, Microsoft has given its Security Essentials for free. You can even try Avast.

Backup your files

Regularly back up the information on your computer. If you don’t take a backup of your files, you will have no protection from calamities. This will result in hard drive failure and ultimately you will end up losing your data. If you value your data, take back up regularly. Generally, there are three basic backup options: an external hard drive, online backup service, or cloud storage. 

Have a strong password

A strong password is something that should be complex with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Many people use the same password for everything. This should be avoided. Password security company said that the three most common passwords are password, 123456, and 12345678. The company recommended avoiding using the same user name and password combination for multiple online site logins. When creating a password, use eight characters or more.

If you even have a small suspicion that your laptop may be infected, update your security software then scan the computer. Even after that, your problem does not solve, take your laptop to your nearest service centre and get it checked up. Take some time to make sure that you’re protected.

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