Laptop makers take great pains to differentiate between their consumer- and professional-oriented product lines. But in many cases, home users would be happier if they ignored the marketing spin and purchased business laptops and laptop rental in Chennai. While consumer portables are usually designed for style, business laptops frequently offer a tougher chassis, more configuration options and better usability.

Apart from the very fact that the majority business laptops prefer to dress in black, here are a couple of other things that matter in any self-respecting business-branded laptop, things that help uniquely differentiate and arguably make them better than most mainstream consumer laptops.

1) Better build quality

 most frequently than not, business laptops are built to last longer than most consumer laptop offerings, just because businesses expect better ROI (return on investment). Whether you verify the Dell Vostro’s metal exterior, Lenovo ThinkPad’s all-metal roll cage design, or HP ProBook’s spill-resistant keyboard: such individual build quality attributes (or a mixture of them) are easily found on most self-respecting business laptops. Qualities that are hard to search out on consumer-focused laptop hire in Chennai.

2) Enhanced business software and service in laptop rental in Chennai

 Often business laptops come built-in with tools that are essential for laptop rental in Chennai. Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo, all offer either proprietary or a preferred third-party backup and restore tools, maintenance software to stay your business laptop’s drivers and other services up so far, and enhanced video-conferencing tools. Most business laptops, regardless of the brand, offer quite a year’s warranty, giving businesses some much-needed peace of mind in terms of safeguarding their investment for extended than other consumer machines. These business laptops even have a wider array of after-sales support options to settle on from, counting on a business’ requirement or IT policy.

3) Security

Security is handled critically down to the hardware level of those business laptops. Additionally, business laptops have a choice to include TPM or trusted platform module chips to effectively encrypt the whole disk drive and protect passwords better than ever. These two highlights are enough to form any business laptop safer than any of its consumer-focused brethren.

4) They are often cheaper

If you are looking for a correct laptop (with an adequate amount of memory and storage and a standard display), then business laptops are likely to be amongst the most cost-effective, often beating Chromebooks and Cloudbooks on sheer value for money.

A quick check out a popular retailer shows an HP laptop with a correct quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard disc drive and a one-year onsite warranty costing but a system with half the memory and a way smaller storage sub-system. The value-for-money balance swings towards the consumer for mainstream models but budget laptops are all you’re after, business models will, more often than not, offer far better deals in micron systems for laptop rental near me.

5) They have less bloatware

Bloatware is that the name was given to extra, non-essential software applications loaded on your laptop rental in Chennai. More often than not, they’re loaded because they’re seen as another value and well. After all, the laptop vendors get purchased doing that and sometimes get an additional amount for every conversion.

Bloatware can carry significant privacy and security risks. Business laptops simply do not have as many because their audiences aren’t only savvier (remember tons of these laptops will undergo the IT department first) but bloatware also can hurt future sales.

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