IP camera dealers in Chennai are pertinent for the surveillance and safety of your house, warehouse or office space, that is a known fact. However, tactically positioned security cameras can serve as a disincentive to criminals as well as catch them red-handed while they’re in the act. On the other hand, disorderly placed CCTV cameras can be tantamount to not having any surveillance at all!

How can you get maximum surface area coverage with optimal CCTV camera placement?

Installing CCTV cameras can prove to be a pointless exercise if they are placed in incorrect locations and are not capturing every surface area of your home or warehouse. For offices and commercial spaces, strategic CCTV camera placement can be just as important as having CCTV surveillance in the first place.

In our article below we show you how to get the most coverage out of your CCTV cameras-

1. Secure the entire boundary:

While positioning your exterior surveillance cameras, ensure they’re on either end of the property. You ought to protect the whole circumference of the premises by positioning cameras at multiple viewpoints if you want to achieve optimum coverage. Positioning IP camera dealers in Chennai across the complete periphery of the property guarantees wide-angle monitoring of the premises, which is essential to maximize the security and protection of the property.

2. Entry and exit points:

Surveillance cameras mounted over or next to all entry doors and exit ramps can help to detect all the going-on’s in the property. An apt location on all counts, securing the entry doors and exit ramps with properly positioned CCTV cameras can help to detect criminals while they are inside the property or outside of it.

By placing CCTV cameras on either side of the doorways, you can keep a second-by-second tab on who has entered the building and who has exited. What’s more, the exact timestamp also gets recorded as do the number of suspects involved in the crime, if any. 

3. Position the CCTV Cameras at tough to access points:

Needless to say, IP camera dealers in Chennai should be kept out of arm’s reach distance. Positioning them at high, tough-to-reach places can make them difficult for anyone to fiddle around with. 

Moreover, placing it at elevated, out of reach places can also make it near-impossible for anyone to 

– Tamper with the wiring

– Smash or destroy the lens 

– Fog or cover the camera 

– Disconnect the feeds 

Cleverly positioning CCTV Cameras at locations which are vantage yet not susceptible to tampering can be the difference between safety and risk or even life and death.

4. Money counter:

As any good IP Camera dealers in Chennai will tell you, this is one place where the proper placement of CCTV cameras is a must.

Of all the locations at a business premise, the cash counter is probably the most important one. 

Particularly susceptible to robbery from employees and clients, the cash counter is one place where everybody knows the money is. This is why it is a wise idea to give the positioning of surveillance cameras a lot more detailed thought and consideration.

IP camera dealers in Chennai placed at a location from which the faces of customers and employees can be seen is an important first step in ensuring that the CCTV cameras capture the going-on’s near and around the cash counter.

Placing them at low or elevated levels will not enable the cameras to distinguish faces clearly and hence will not serve the purpose in any way whatsoever.

5. Staircases and Lifts:

Office premises, particularly the staircases and lifts, must be supervised. Several organizations may consider these areas as unimportant and hence, not in need of CCTV surveillance. 

But having too few individuals for short durations of time does not mean these areas are not prone to theft and crime. They are much more vulnerable to accidents. 

For instance, anyone can mug or attack in the stairway or elevator assuming their offences are going to go unchecked. Oftentimes thieves linger by the staircases until a company’s working hours end only to thereafter loot the premises without having to pry open a single lock.

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