Cleaning can be quite a chore–literally. While you may not be looking forward to the task of deep cleaning your rental laptop, it truly is necessary.

Whether you’re just in the mood for a deep clean while you’re at home, or you know you propose to move in or out of a replacement place. These deep-cleaning tools are vital to get the work done.

Deep cleaning is truly important if you hope to keep your short term laptop hire clean and germ-free after all disinfecting can only truly work on areas free of grime and debris.

With that in mind, we’re going to layout some essential hygiene do’s and don’ts for those who aren’t sure of how to properly clean their gear. For starters, you cannot just dump hand sanitizer on your keyboard and call it a day, although that might bring a reasonably funny TikTok fail. No, there are accepted standards and practices you need to follow, and we’re here to fill you in on them.

What you shouldn’t do

We’re going to start with the things you shouldn’t do because we care about you; we want you to avoid any kind of disasters, and we know that not everyone reads articles through to the end. And now, with that out of the way, let’s get started.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is leave your keyboard or laptop on and/or plugged into a power source when disinfecting it. You’ll want to disconnect the power and turn your keyboard or laptop into a paperweight before doing any kind of cleaning.

Once you get to the cleaning process,  you should be extremely careful with liquids. Some types of disinfectant wipes are still ok, but in general, avoid any kind of liquid that can get stuck in small openings. You don’t want to break your keyboard of your desktop rental in Chennai

Even if you are not scared of liquid creeping into small crevices, laptop manufacturers warn against using chemical agents or bleach because they seem to be a little too harsh for the materials. Those cleaning solutions can ruin the finish of a laptop if you are not careful. That might not be the most important issue at hand here, but Apple specifically warns against it.

What you should do for short term laptop hire

Okay, so now you know to turn everything off, unplug everything, be careful with liquids, and dont not use bleach. You’re probably wondering what you can do. The good news is that when you’ve ruled out all the potential hazards, cleaning a keyboard isn’t super complicated.

The first step is to carry the keyboard upside down and shake any debris or loose gunk out of it. It’s gross, but things get stuck between keys over time and this is the easiest way to get rid of a lot of it en masse. This should go without saying, but preferably you should do this over a trash can or something other receptacles that can catch your keyboard residue.

For a deep clean, you can use compressed air to get any remaining debris out of there. Once you’ve gotten the visible crumbs out of the way, it’s time to start dealing with germs.

Disinfectant wipes like the ones Clorox makes should generally be fine on keyboards. Make sure to wipe gently, of course. But if you’ve got those wipes lying around, you ought to feel safe to use them. 

The best bet here is probably going to be Clorox wipes for your short term laptop hire, assuming you can find any. Even if you can’t, you still have alternatives for your computer hire in Chennai. And given how easy it is to spread COVID-19, it’s important that we all do whatever we can, no matter how small, to flatten the curve.

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