The internet has seen a huge rise in usage over the last decade. Thanks to smartphones and highly efficient yet cost-effective desktop computer rental in Chennai. Another reason is the hardworking developer community that has made development and use of the software easier with the requirement of lesser and lesser technical sophistication. The capabilities of software programs have also enhanced exponentially. The need for distributed computing and connectivity to the world for staying updated on current trends is the reason for businesses to increase their online presence. Some of these businesses are completely online with no offline element in their service or can get your laptop rental near me with micron systems. 

With all the emphasis on usability, an aspect has been mostly ignored since it has been a hurdle in usability. The security of online assets may be a factor that was getting less attention than it deserved until the last four years. Cybercrimes were not that frequent before 2013. The rise in internet usage has resulted in rising of cybercrimes. The rise in cyber crimes resulted in an increased awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. But, one successful attack are often enough to cause a loss of multi-billion dollars. Companies realize it and hence are working towards making their products safer.

However, you as an end-user can not fully rely on the security measures taken by the companies that sell you the products you use. There are a lot of ways you can commit mistakes and render all the security measures futile. But there are certain habits which when developed are often of great benefit to the web security of a mean user.

These habits are simple practices that are easy to adaptable.

Find out about their software security protocol 

Ideally, when you rent iPads, laptops, or desktops, you want the latest operating systems and anti-virus software installed. If they are installing your apps, make sure the rental provider is installing the most recent versions of those apps and Softwares.

Ensure their internet hotspot rentals have firmware that’s up to date. 

Sometimes the meeting location doesn’t have enough bandwidth. Therefore, you need to rent additional equipment to service the internet needs of your attendees. You’ll want to have a conversation about the firmware. And passwords are changed just before your event and after as well. Micron systems has the best laptop rental near me, where you can get all needs meet under one roof.

Use an Internet Security Suite

If you know anything at all about a computer and the internet, the chances are very high that you might be using an antivirus already. An antivirus program combined with an internet security program set helps you in:

Avoiding malicious downloads done by mistake.
Avoiding malicious installs done by mistake.
Preventing from being a victim to Man In The Middle Attack(MITM).
Protection from phishing.

Protection from damage that trojan horses may cause. Some Trojan Horses are inbuilt how that the bulk of the code is for doing useful and seemingly innocent things while a little portion does something nasty like acting as a backdoor or escalating privileges.

Use Strong Passwords

This can’t be emphasized enough. If you have “qwerty123” as your bank’s password and a lot of money in the account, you must be ready for a surprise transaction. You should not fully rely on the rate-limiting measures used by websites that you visit. Your password should be strong enough to be practically unbreakable. A strong password is one that is 12+ characters long and contains a diverse use of alphabets(both cases), numbers and symbols. Setting an unbreakable password should not be difficult especially when there are help available as random password generators.

We keep Your Software Up-to-Date for you laptop rental near me

Despite the developer’s best intention to create secure software and thorough reviews from the security teams, there are unfortunately many zero-days that are revealed once the software is being used by a large user base. Companies are cognizant of this fact which is why they release frequent updates to patch these vulnerabilities. This is the rationale why those updates, however annoying they’ll be, are important. They help in preventing attacks which will easily skip the radar of the antivirus programs on your computer

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