A security camera, also referred to as a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), offers safety and security giving you a peace of mind that there is always an extra pair of eyes watching over when you aren’t around. It  is not only a security feature owned by a business, but also found in local households, irrespective of the size and type.

Of late, the demand for security cameras has been on the rise with tough competition between different CCTV Camera suppliers in Chennai. Here at Micron Systems we offer you a range of Digital and Optical zoom security cameras and not just that, we also offer an end-to-end service of site-visit, delivery and deployment keeping in line with our reputation as one of the best IP camera dealers in Chennai.

That said, if you’ve been wondering which CCTV Camera type would be apt for your office, take a look at our article below. In it, we’ve enumerated the features of Digital v/s Optical Zoom security cameras so you can determine which one suits your business needs best


The optical zoom security camera’s lens maintains focus even when its focal length changes. These cameras can let you zoom in to view more image details or zoom out to get a wider viewing angle, without compromising the image quality. The IP security camera’s optical zoom is achieved by the actual adjustment of the camera optics, such as rotating different lenses inside the camera. Think of the functionality of the optical zoom camera similar to looking through a pair of binoculars.

There are 3 types of optical zoom security cameras: 

1. Manual optical zoom security cameras: 

You need to adjust the zooming level and viewing angle in person before you can start recording. If you’ve already mounted the camera on the ceiling or soffit, it would be really troublesome to readjust the zoom level since you need to climb to reach the camera. For easy zoom level adjustment, motorized zoom security cameras are a better choice.

2.IP security cameras with motorized optical zoom: 

You can simply zoom in or out with the on-screen controls on the security camera client and app. The motorized lens in the camera maintains focus when the focal length changes.

3.Security cameras with pan tilt zoom (PTZ) :

PTZ security cameras are a kind of fully motorized optical zoom security camera that offer you all-around protection for the home and office.

Some PTZ surveillance security cameras can offer you 360° pan, 90° tilt and high optical zoom. With these features, you can check everything around your property with the endless pan and tilt, and get more image details or wider viewing angle with the powerful optical zoom. All you need to do is a click on the on-screen control of your security camera client and app.

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Digital zoom on security cameras is an internal software image processing function, just like your desktop image editing software. Digital zoom works by narrowing the apparent angle view of images, and then cropping the areas outside the margins. Think of the functionality of the digital zoom as being similar to enlarging images on your computer.

Unfortunately, digital zoom security cameras simply enlarge the pixels of the image, which often results in blurry images and videos, compared to optical zoom security cameras. That’s the main reason why security camera experts consider optical zoom security cameras as the ultimate choice in surveillance cameras.

Though optical zoom surveillance cameras outweigh the digital zoom type in many ways, it doesn’t mean that digital zoom is totally a “dirty word”. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

Micron Systems offers you the best in class Digital Zoom Cameras enabling you to monitor your business live from anywhere and store data with the assistance of CCTV cameras using network drives. Our CCTV Installation prices in Chennai are affordable and of the best quality compared to other IP camera dealers in Chennai.

Optical zoom uses lenses to magnify a far-off image and that is the reason we regard Optical zoom to be ultimately better. It magnifies an image to fill the entire image sensor effortlessly. Whereas  Digital zoom takes just the center portion of what the lens throws on the sensor, capturing fewer pixels. Therefore, Optical Zoom security cameras are much better and more efficient than Digital Zoom security cameras.

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