If you own a business with a parking garage, your first concern is how you will safeguard it for your clients and your property. Having a sheltered and secure parking garage causes your clients to feel calm while shopping at your business. They will realize that you care for their security and feel extremely secure when they see the cameras set up. Vandals and thieves will mull over their activities when they see parking area surveillance cameras. A decent security framework is an unquestionable requirement for any business. There are many IP camera dealers and CCTV camera suppliers in Chennai for you to reach out. Here is a list of cameras that you can install at your business place.

IPCC-9610 V2- 10x Camera

This is a camera with a very professional design. This comes under the IP camera category. It has a colour sensor that makes the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also has high-quality zooming capabilities. Thus, it always produces sharp and clear images. It also has features like a motion sensor, zoom features, and ONVIF technology. The camera will work on platforms like iPhones, Windows, and macOS. Hence, you can access footage anytime. A lot of CCTV camera suppliers in Chennai also sell IP cameras.

Swann SWPRO- 842CAM-US Camera

This camera has a very high and strong resolution of 900 TVL. Hence resulting in sharp and clear pictures. This can cover a distance of about 25 meters. It also has night vision. I can also be plugged to your DVR for recording or TV for video surveillance. It has a viewing angle of 59 degrees at all times. Images that are produced are coloured during the day and black and white at night. It also has a waterproof casing which helps it to survive all weather conditions. This camera is ideal for both home and office uses. There are many CCTV camera suppliers in Chennai who sell this type of camera.

Defender Wireless Security Camera

The Defender camera is one of those cameras that has digital technologies which helps in reaching the hidden spots in the location you install this. This camera allows you to monitor anywhere at any time. This is designed in a very simple way and is easy to assemble. The recordings are very flexible. This offers crisp and clear images and videos. This camera is made up of weather and vandal proof material. This can also be viewed on a TV or a laptop.

Reolink PTZ IP Camera

The Reolink ptz IP camera is a high-resolution camera. The resolution is 4 megapixels ranging 2560×1440. This has a very much larger resolution when compared to normal IP cameras which have a resolution of 720 pixels and 1080 pixels. This camera offers a motion detection triggering alert by sending an email to your device. This camera can be remotely accessed through the Reolink app. This camera lives streams even when you are not in the home vicinity. This camera is easy to install which is done by many CCTV installation companies in Chennai. This is waterproof too.

Foscam Outdoor Security Camera

The camera is a combination of a very high-quality HD digital camera with a powerful server that is inbuilt to provide live video streaming anywhere. The camera is an IP camera. It has 30 high power LEDs which provide clear and sharp night vision of up to 65ft. This camera allows for remote accessibility of the recordings and motion events. It is easy to use. You can use this camera from the Foscam app. This camera also offers motion detection. This camera provides sharp and clear images at an angle of 118 degrees.

Hope the above-listed cameras help you in choosing the best parking and outdoor camera. Securing your business complex is the first step to do once you open it for the public. Your business will always be in the danger of vandals and thieves. You must know how to guard yourself, the property and your customers against it. You can also install hidden cameras in business complexes for extra security. Security camera technology has been developing drastically over the years. So, always buy the most updated camera. Grab your wallet and visit your nearest IP camera or CCTV camera suppliers in Chennai today!

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