We live in a technology-driven world where cell phones are ubiquitous, tablets are omnipresent, and even smartwatches are a thing that individuals talk about like owning them is not a big thing. Yet, all through these advances, the magnificent laptop has persevered. When it comes to work, regardless of whether that is enhancing photographs, composing plenty of messages, creating archives, or keeping in contact with partners and family laptop is one device where you can perform all the tasks together with ease, Micron Systems are here with their  top picks to assist you with finding the most ideal laptops to do your work. There are some features that the best laptop must possess like power, efficiency, portability, and comfort. You can get hands-on these laptops even without buying. Laptop rental in Chennai offers these laptops for you to rent at an affordable rental price. 

HP Omen 15(R7)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Display : 15.6″ (1920 x 1080)

Processor: Ryzen 7 | 2.9 GHz

Memory : 512 GB SSD/8 GBGB DDR4

Weight: 2.37

Dimension : 357 x 239 x 22.5

Graphics Processor: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti

The AMD Ryzen 7 powered HP Omen 15 is a wonderful choice for individuals who are searching for a laptop that would have the option to deal with moderate gaming and content creation. For all the extra amenities powered in the engine, the Omen 15 runs fantastically cool thanks to HP’s excessively powerful cooling framework which saves it from overheating

HP Envy 15

OS: Windows 10

Display : 15″ (1920 x 1080)

Processor : Intel Core i7-10750H | 2.6 GHz

Memory : 1 TB SSD/16 GBGB DDR4

Weight: 2.14

Dimension : 23.7 x 35.8 x 1.8

Graphics Processor : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti

In 2020, released HP Envy 15 is customized specially for content makers. However, because of its incredible configuration and a flawless IPS display, this laptop is ideal for any individual who needs a machine that will be with them for a couple of years. You can even rent this laptop at the available laptop rental in Chennai.

Lenovo Ideapad C340

OS: Windows 10 Home

Display : 14″ (1920 x 1080)

Processor : Intel Core i3-8145U | 2.1

Memory : 512 4/4GB SDRAM

Weight : 1.65

Dimension : 328 x 229 x 17.9

Graphics Processor: Intel Integrated UHD

Lenovo’s 2019 IdeaPad can do yoga. The IdeaPad C340 is a convertible PC that can accomplish a lot of work since it has the Nvidia GeForce MX230 graphics card. It comes powered by an Intel Core series or AMD Ryzen series processor. Numerous laptop rental in Chennai provide the short term laptop hire option for this laptop and thus you can know and work with the specifications before buying.

Dell XPS 15

OS: Windows 10 Home

Display : 15.6″ (3840×2400)

Processor : 10th-generation Intel Core i5-10300H | NA

Memory: 1TB of PCIe 3 SSD SSD/NA 32GB of DDR4 SDRAM

Weight: 2.05

Dimension : 344.72×230.14×18

Graphics Processor: NA

The Dell XPS has been giving tough competition to Apple’s MacBook and this year with XPS 15 it stands a step above Macbook. The Dell XPS 15 is a blend of everything one could think of. It has the performance of a gaming laptop, the battery life of an Ultrabook, and is industrially designed to take any amount of work .

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Display : 15.6″ (1920 x 1080)

Processor: Up to 8th Gen Intel® Core™ FL-H i5/i7 vPro | 2.2 GHz

Memory : 512 GB SATA/16GB DDR4

Weight : 1.7

Dimension : 361.8 x 245.7 x 18.4

Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti GDDR5 4G 4GB GDDR5

True to its name, everything about the new 15.6-inch ThinkPad is extraordinary. It sports an eighth-gen Intel Core i7 CPU, has up to 64GB of RAM, can take up to two PCIe-based SSDs, and has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU for designs. It is a beast! packed in a tiny machine  Many laptop rentals in Chennai offer this laptop to rent at a very moderate laptop rental prices.

Acer Swift 5

OS: Windows 10

Display : 14″ (1920 x 1080)

Processor: 10th Gen Core i5 | NA

Memory : 512 GB SSD/8 GB GB DDR4X

Weight: 990

Dimension : 21.1 x 31.8 x 1.5

Graphics Processor: Intel UHD Graphics

The Acer Swift 5 has been updated to the 10th generation of Intel’s processors, offering a lot of computing power in an incredibly smooth bundle. Swift 5 doesn’t leave any feature out, be it in terms of ports, biometric authentication or even looks for that matter.

The best laptop should have an incredible console and trackpad — because those are the two main things that will make you pick a PC over a smartphone or tablet. Its display should not irritate the eyes. The brightness and sharpness should be in such a way that it won’t be distracted by jagged edges and visible pixels. It should be powerful enough for almost everything including advanced gaming. It should be easy to move from place to place, and it should survive for a whole day despite heavy usage.

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